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Sevilla is a municipality of Colombia, located in the northern department of Valle del Cauca. Seville founded in 1903 is a city with a temperate climate. Located in the foothills of the western mountain range, it is called the “Coffee Capital of Colombia” and also “El Balcón Del Valle Del Cauca”, because it is located in the highest part of the department and enjoys a beautiful view in several parts of the municipality of a large part of the municipalities of the Cauca Valley and the Vallluno landscape, especially at night. Sevilla  represents a variety of thermal floors, which allow the cultivation of various agricultural products, among which stand out besides coffee, forest crops, bananas, citrus fruits, sugar cane, corn, cassava, vegetables and banana, from which it supplies and generates considerable surpluses for the external market.

Microlot specialty coffee: Finca La Nubia

La Nubia farm, not only retains its characteristic aspect of the country’s coffee tradition, but also retains its production process and quality in the microlote for the national and international market

Ecomill Technology

  • This technology consists of mechanically washing the coffee with mucilage degraded in the process with natural fermentation.
  • Significant reduction in the specific volume of water, 20 L / kg of dry parchment coffee (cps), values between 0.3 and 0.5 L / kg of cps
  • Highly concentrated washing wastewater mixes with the pulp of the coffee.
  • Controls 100% of contamination.
  • Coffee of high physical and sensory quality is obtained.

Ecomill 500


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