Our origin

Sevilla, Valle

La Nubia farm not only preserves its characteristic aspect of the country’s coffee tradition, it also preserves its production process and quality in the microlot for the national and international market.

Located in the village “Morro Azul” it has a perfect climate and an incomparable biological harmony. On our family farm we collect, ferment, wash and dry the coffee naturally in balance with the environment

Nubia farm


Coffee process

The coffee from the la nubia farm is produced with great attention to detail, from harvesting, washing, fermentation, drying and selection. The process is carried out in a familiar but rigorous environment that allows us to offer the best coffee in the region.

Eco-Mill Technology

This technology consists of mechanically washing the coffee with mucilage degraded in the process with natural fermentation. Noticeable reduction in the specific volume of water, from 20 L/kg of dry parchment coffee (cps), to values ​​between 0.3 and 0.5 L/kg of cps.

Highly concentrated washing wastewater is mixed with the coffee pulp. Controls 100% of contamination.

Coffee of high physical and sensory quality is obtained.

Scoring of our coffee

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